Pink Bits needs to be seen for what it is: “unprocessed” feminism, and as valuable to its audience as recent works with many more pretensions such as Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In which addresses for another demographic the same issue of the need for greater female self-assertiveness.”

– Jane Haile, The New York Journal Of Books

“Kat George is one fearless lady. Pink Bits manages to weave both humor and heart into a book about the vagina, and it should be a must read to anybody who has one (or has loved one). Get your hands on this ASAP: you'll laugh and want to text your best friend lines from it, except by the end of the book you'll feel like Kat is your best friend. And it offers an important gift once you're done reading it, too–you'll love and cherish your body a bit more. This debut solidifies Kat George as a true talent, a queen of TMI you're glad she's honest enough to reveal.”

– Alida Nugent, Don't Worry, It Gets Worse: One Twentysomething's (Mostly Failed) Attempts at Adulthood

“Whether you can’t wait for the third season of Girls or you’re experiencing a major bout of Lena Dunham fatigue, I might have a cure-all. Kat George–VICE columnist, Pink Bits author, and sexy sex person–has launched a new web series called The Big Gulp. The pilot episode, “Winter is Coming” is now available on YouTube and it’s just like 7 Minutes in Heaven. It makes good on what Girls originally promised: frank conversations about the dating lives of twentysomethings in New York. Without the entitlement or baby costuming. It’s sort of like that one friend of yours with absolutely no filter who keeps bringing up gross topics on public transit (but actually really endears you).”

– Kate Hakala, The Date Report

“Her confidence and honesty that one may find so refreshing in her work is just as notable while she converses with you, face to face. Kat keeps it real. She keeps it light, while making you feel as though she’s completely open to you, willing to share just about anything. She wears her accomplishments where you can see them - in the aforementioned glow - can take a compliment and, more importantly, can take criticism. What I’m saying is, Kat George is a strong, fierce woman who gives fucks where fucks should be given and doesn’t when they ought not be given.”

– Delaney Yeager, Womenstruation

"Pink Bits is George’s foray into published long-form writing; a Thought Catalog ebook of essays, stories and insight all about the eponymous bodily region. And it’s good. As a man, my interactions with said bits have all been secondhand, but George emphasizes their importance for everyone in, you know, the very fact that we exist. The book is valuable (and funny) for men and women alike, and has lessons to offer about more than just vaginae (yes, that’s the plural of vagina.)"

– Sean Morrow,